Multifunctional cargo terminal at Dostyk station

Since 2010, ADD Capital has been implementing a project for the development of an infrastructure transport and logistics complex for the processing and transshipment of commodities and raw materials from China to st. Dostyk.

The implementation of projects for the development of railway infrastructure will take place in three stages.

Stage I. Implementation of projects for the transshipment of hydrocarbon raw materials.
In 2010, an oil terminal was put into operation for transshipment of oil products to China.
In 2013, a terminal for transshipment of liquefied gas to China was launched.
The uniqueness of the facilities is the absence of such transshipment oil depots and gas transshipment stations in this geographical area.

Stage II. Construction of a cargo transshipment terminal and development of railway infrastructure.
In 2020, construction began on a multifunctional container terminal with a total design capacity of about 350 thousand large-tonnage containers for import and transit cargo from China. The project will be implemented in stages, in 4 stages.
The commissioning of the 1st stage is scheduled for May-June 2021. The capacity of the 1st stage will be 80-100 thousand large-tonnage containers per year.

Stage III. Expansion of the cargo transshipment terminal and the development of an industrial and industrial zone.
Implementation of 2,3,4 queues of the terminal:
- 2nd stage (launch in 2022). Additional capacity of 20 thousand large-tonnage containers per year.
- 3rd stage (launch in 2023). Additional capacity of 100 thousand large-tonnage containers per year.
- 4th stage (launch in 2024). Additional capacity of 150 thousand large-tonnage containers per year.
At this stage, it is also planned to build a grain terminal, a customs warehouse, and open areas.

One of the final goals of the project is the creation of an industrial park to serve the production and logistics centers of resident companies with the possibility of exporting Kazakh products to China.