Keruen Cinema in Nur-Sultan

KERUEN CINEMA is the first private VIP cinema for those who value impeccable comfort. The cinema is located on the second floor of the Talan Gallery shopping center.

The distinctive features and key characteristics of a premium cinema are as follows:

  • High quality sound and images: Christie laser projector, state-of-the-art DOLBY ATMOS sound system, Harkness Hall silver screens, SLS Audio systems.
  • Two VIP rooms with a capacity of 14 people in each room.
  • Exquisite interior design: designer lobby with a multifunctional bar, elegant furniture, expensive finishes.
  • The halls are equipped with comfortable recliner chairs with an adjustable backrest (tilt angle up to 180 degrees) and a footrest, similar to those installed in business class aircraft.
  • Each chair has individual lighting, a niche for bags, personal tables from an array, a button to call the waiter, and built-in devices for charging gadgets.