ATVS Velikhovskoye Yuzhnoe deposit Aktobe Oblast

The project provides for the construction of a complex for the production of steel, through beneficiation and processing of iron-bearing ores at VelikhovskoyeSouth deposit in Aktobe Oblast.

Products: low alloy construction steel, carbon construction steel, quality carbon construction steel

Production volume (for the whole period):
  • 494.8 thousand tonnesof armature (incl. bars) per year
  • 253 thousand tonnesof slag per year.

Project goals:
  • creation of an effective integrated business for the extraction and processing of magnetite ores in order to obtain steel as the final product;
  • obtaining high-quality, export-oriented, competitive products using energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production technologies;
  • formation of import-substitution and export potential in Kazakhstan.

Initiator: Aktobe-Temir-VS Subsidiary JSC

Description of the area

The Velikhovskoye South deposit is located in the Kargalinsky districtof Aktyubinsk oblast of Kazakhstan,90km northeast of the regional center of Aktobeand 36km north-west of Kempirsayrailway, South Ural Railway.

The licensed area of the Velikhovskoye South iron deposit is located within the contract area, specified by the license MGNo.1200 dated October 11, 1996, Contract No. 248 dated October 08, 1998 (reg.No.939), addendum to Contract No.1 dated May 23, 2002 reg.No.939 and No.2 dated December 11, 2003 (reg. No.1278).

The contract area (geological allotment) has dimensions of 36.12 sq. km with seven corner points. The mining allotment of the Velikhovskoye South deposit has dimensions of 3.4sq. km with eight corner points.

The climate of the region is continental, with large amplitudes of air temperature fluctuations, both during the day and during the year.The maximum temperature is noted in July, reaching +43°С, and the minimum temperature is noted in January at-48°С.The average annual air temperature is +4,2С°.

The industry of the district is well developed. In the area there are several mining operators, which form the basis of the industrial potential of the area.

The deposit is also located close to Urals’ ferrous metallurgy facilities: 80 km away from“Ural Steel” and 500 km away from Magnitogorsk plants.Thus, the district is characterized by a well-developed infrastructure, mainly created by the “PGOYuzhUralNickel"during the Soviet period. Since 1940, several deposits of silicate-nickel ores of the Kimpersay district have been developed. In the current economic situation, the extraction of iron ores at the Velikhovskoye deposit is becoming an attractive project.