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Gas Energy gas station chain

Gas Stations

Gas Energy is a major Kazakhstani producer and supplier of energy resources. Company specializes in the sale of liquefied petroleum gas, in the construction of filling stations for electric cars. Gas Energy seeks to meet the needs of the market in energy resources, but at the same time minimize harm to the environment, therefore, uses only proven technology and innovation.

Today, the Partnership is represented in six regions of Kazakhstan with 143 units gas filling monoblocks and with 11 units AZK with oil products. Number of gas stations: Astana - 22 units, Almaty - 32 units, Karaganda - 19 units, Pavlodar - 18 units, Kyzylorda - 18 units, Shymkent - 34 units. Number of filling stations: Astana - 8 units, Almaty - 5 units, Karaganda - 1 unit.

"Gas Energy" conducts an active policy to improve the environment and develops a network of filling stations in the regions, and pursues a policy of transferring the car park of these regions to CIS.